DDW 2015: A Quick End to My Seven-Sentence Mini-blog Experiment!

Half-way through Digestive Disease Week 2015, I have decided to discontinue my little experiment that consisted of shortening my blogs here to a seven-sentence limit to make live-blogging feasible from the conference (see my earlier blog entry about that). In the first couple of days at DDW 2015 I was only able to squeeze in time for 2 blog entries (see below), even in the shorter format. I have concluded that things are just too busy at these conferences for me to blog meaningfully, and there is nothing I can do to change that if I want the meetings to be as incredibly productive for me as they have been. But that is why we do experiments – to learn something new. And I have learned that sharing information from DDW is only feasible for me in shorter tweet format. So I am now concentrating on highlighting key new and interesting information on FGIDs more actively on Twitter. instead Follow my stream there at @DrPalssonUNC to keep up with that. Twitter seems to be by far the most effective way for information to flow from the conference in real-time, and I will focus on participating in that information outpouring to give FGID info from the more emphasis.


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